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Real Things Really Happening

Booting up a Mac that runs OS 7 and reading things I wrote 15 years ago. Including what appears to be an early draft of Black Swan. You’re welcome, everyone.

Furniture rearranging.


Amazement at today’s blue and purple and red and pink and orange sunset. And at how little has changed in 15 years. 

When will I ever learn, Susan Miller? When will I ever learn?

you’re in a place where even sandwiches can seek reinvention. ‘Mad Men’ Power Rankings, Episode 701: ‘Time Zones’ «

This guy gave me his card. Thought I’d pass it along…


This guy gave me his card. Thought I’d pass it along…


VX 193

I picked the wrong boost station, sponsored by Fairfield Inn and Suites. I am sitting next to a 20-something year old woman explaining the pitfalls of Shopify to an Asian man. Her name is Louella. She called her mom to ask what the deal was with the weather in San Francisco. Her mom said, “It’s hailing! It never hails here!”

Two hours ago, I drank a Brooklyn Lager at a crab-themed restaurant named Philipps. It was so hot in there, I took off my coat, and my hoodie, to reveal the back brace. I am wearing a back brace. I’m drinking beer, checking my email, revising a spreadsheet, and considering but not really considering reading Fear of Flying — LOLOLOLOLOL — and clandestinely checking out everyone in the place while wearing a back brace.

Louella is like the Lena Dunham of ecommerce. “I may not be the storefront of the generation, but I may be storefront of generation.”

One hour ago, I drank a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale at Ruby Tuesday’s, accompanied by a skanky plate of chips and guacamole. I thought, ok, this is not the poorest decision one can make, until an Asian guy sitting at the bar ordered a Heineken and a salad. WELL, SHIT. 

There are two types of people who travel on Tuesdays: the people wearing neck pillows, and everyone else.

"A nice room at the Clift awaits u," Prince Dad texted.

Also a $20 breakfast of coffee, soy milk, and oatmeal served on a silver tray with brown sugar and a starched white napkin. 

Also an iHome docking station that has played After the Gold Rush approximately 700 times.

Also rum raisin Malin + Goetz shower gel.

Also, memories.

Just another 10 hours to go.


I was alone and I could do what I wanted.

—Gerald Stern

Because I would hate to be in a situation where I was eating a waffle taco and you were not. Lucky Peach 

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The talented Elizabeth Graeber illustrated these little beauties for me a few years ago; I will love and cherish them forever + ever

•There are no grown-ups. We suspect this when we are younger, but can confirm it only once we are the ones writing books and attending parent-teacher conferences. Everyone is winging it, some just do it more confidently. What You Learn in Your 40s -

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Jenny Holzer, Living Series

Jenny Holzer, Living Series

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If I am writing then I am never alone.


If I am writing then I am never alone.