And then

The night before your 9am flight, you stay up texting until midnight, but don’t cross into the hinterland, as your horoscope predicted. You are again unsure of yourself. You are always unsure of yourself.

the great error we all make is we go through our lives convinced that we each are the protagonist,’ he adds. ‘This is a tool to offset that condition.’ This Brilliant App Lets You Swap Lives With A Stranger For 20 Days | Co.Exist | ideas impact
the kind of dude who will quote bell hooks just to sleep with you, then never call you again The Booty-Eating Renaissance
You are so ashamed of who you truly are, beneath the witty remarks, beneath the polished know-it-all swagger. Start with your soft, chewy center. Stay there. Dare to be uncertain. Dare to make guesses. FEEL YOUR WAY IN THE DARK. Ask Polly: I Hate My Job. What Should I Do? — The Cut
the silent, smouldering hint-hint style of cryptic flirtation that we all know just NOURISHES Libran types like nothing else Daily Horoscopes - Mystic Medusa
"you are running from something - commitment, responsibility, hard work, love."


"you are running from something - commitment, responsibility, hard work, love."

Too many, all at once

Opening old boxes, at “home” home and at home, has infected me in ways I did not anticipate. I’m way deep in nostalgia and don’t see the way out. Old friends. Old writing. Old journals. Mom’s meatballs. Now I’m listening to the football game on the radio. My sister’s buying a house. Old traditions gone, new traditions about to start. I have a low-grade ache, and I’m not sure what to do about it. All the things, the Mississippi Mud Bars and shoestring potatoes, I’ll never have again, and the ages it will take to explain to someone new just what it was like and how sad it is that it’s all gone. We stacked blocks together in the family room just so she could knock them down. Her bachelorette party is in six weeks. I can’t even keep track of all of the memories. Too many, all at once. 

'I probably shall,' said Miss Goering, 'although it is against my entire code, but then, I have never even begun to use my code, although I judge everything by it. Jane Bowles, Two Serious Ladies
the time it takes this town to grind you into dust is so imperceptible you don’t notice it happening. Escape Artist Tells All - The Awl

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